About us

We are one of the fastest growing Edu Tech company in India. Founded by a group of Edu Tech enthusiasts with a combined experience of more than 100 years, we provide interactive smart class solutions with patented touch technologies, campus productivity solutions as well as AI based learning software solutions. We come from a varied background of teaching and training, software design, product development and have worked in wonderful organizations like Vasant Valley School, Doon School, Tata Interactive, NIIT, SMART Technologies, Pearson, IBM and Microsoft.

We bring together a plethora of expertise and skills, which we have translated to conceive and develop world class hardware and software solutions.Our products and solutions aren’t just run of the mill. They are designed and conceived by Educators, for Educators.

Our technology solutions empower learners and educators to learn and teach collaboratively and innovatively. This enables limitless creativity and learning opportunities for students.