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everything in your classrooms

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The power to do anything and


Interactive smartboards & panels built on our
patented SLW Touch technology

Interactive smartboards & panels built on our
patented SLW Touch technology


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Innovative Collaboration Tools

Every great idea began with a scribble on a whiteboard and conversation. Coretouch allows you to loop in more minds, insights and perspectives at once. Our products are designed for collaboration across dispersed remote students. Whether it is about hosting virtual classroom or collaborating on ideas across large canvas that requires annotation, we puts everything at your fingertips. We’re changing the way collaboration happens in the mobile age.

CoreScreen: Remote collaboration made simple

Corescreen is a screen-sharing app that allows you to quickly share your whiteboard screen to any device with a browser, anywhere in the world. Remote students can not only view the whiteboard content live but can also contribute in real time by annotating on the whiteboard space in their devices. Even better, they can also listen to the presenter as well as record the sessions for viewing later.

Corescreen App is free to download and compatible with Android, Windows and iOS devices. Up to 150 devices can connect with the Coretouch screen and view content instantly – whiteboard content in real time, PPT, images, etc.

CoreShare: Seamless in-room collaboration

Coreshare App allows up to 30 devices within the same wi fi zone to connect with the Corertouch screen and share content – images, video, and audio. All the participants can annotate and write on the same page from their own devices, thereby, collaborating seamlessly in real time.

The presenter has full control over what is shared, and can allow participants to share their screens simultaneously as well, increasing collaboration and participation within every session.

Virtual Classroom made simple

Snap together a virtual classroom instantly or launch a massive online class in just a few clicks. Our SyncNote app included in the Plus Series can provide a truly virtual classroom solution for all your distance learning needs. All you need to do is to subscribe our SyncNote Online Meeting plans.

Our Plus Series solution is designed to be interoperable allowing you to use your existing VC solutions and software. Our open platform approach gives you access to cloud-based applications such as Skype for Business, Zoom and Google Hangouts. With a slot-in Windows PC, you can load your existing apps and software from your network, enabling you to collaborate securely across the globe, and access the same features as your colleagues, wherever they are based.

Email and Core messaging

It is more than just creating content and wonderful lessons for the class. You can save your wonderful content and mail it to your students from the display panel instantly. Students don’t have to make notes or worry about missing out any important notes in the class. Our In-built Email feature enables our panels to disburse content on the fly.

Core Message feature is available on all Plus and X Series from Coretouch. Alerts can be sent across an entire digital estate of Coretouch screens in real-time. The Coretouch display can be controlled remotely or from the school office to communicate onscreen notifications such as evacuation notices, health and safety messages and general announcements, disseminating information quickly and efficiently across the entire facility.